What Our Clients Say

It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday and Charles and I are both truly grateful to be working with you going forward! I have a quick question. Did you say it would be okay for Charles to email you with questions about the new diet? For instance, can you recommend a website where we can find recipes for sauces, etc. I heard you loudly and clearly about the caloric and sugar content of processes/bottled sauces.
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and humor with us! It sure made the experience much more inviting for us! 🙂 Take good care and all the best.K. M. and Charles T.
I am very pleased with this practice. Shelley Madsen came highly recommended by my doctor. I found her welcoming and easy to talk to. My health goals were addressed and we came up with a realistic nutrition plan. Success achieved! Stacey L
If I could give this office more stars I would! The dieticians are amazing and very informative. Brenda, the office manager, goes above and beyond EVERY time. She is ALWAYS pleasant and professional over the phone, in-person, and by email. I have had to reschedule appointments countless times and Brenda ALWAYS responds very promptly and will take the extra step and say, "have a great day/weekend!" with a smile on her face. Never a hint of frustration with me. I wish every office manager I came in contact with was as informative, quick, and pleasant as she has always been. Samantha, the most recent dietician I have seen for the past four months, has literally saved my life. She is extremely informative, focuses on my specific needs, and encourages me to forgive myself when I fall off plan. Very sweet personality and makes sure any questions I have are answered before walking out the door. This office helped me get through gestational diabetes 5 years ago and now are helping me in the bariatric surgery process, which I'm not even convinced I need anymore. From my highest weight, I have lost 35 pounds, my liver function tests are back to normal, I was able to get off one of my blood pressure meds, and my A1C is not even pre-diabetic stage. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS OFFICE!Zelpha Leanne Zerkle
I like how they explain the process to you. They help you feel better about yourself!Margaret Benford
I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and am seeing Stevie Ray for dietary and nutritional consultation. I am very pleased with her, and with the clinic in general. Stevie has excellent knowledge about my condition and listens very carefully before offering any information. Her recommendations have made a real difference in my life, and after only the second visit I can say my symptoms have decreased by about 30%. After over 1.5 years of multiple hospital stays, many, many MD's, this is the first time I feel I am being listened to, and recommendations are tailored to me. Brenda, the office manager, has been very helpful as well.Louise W.
I love Texas Nutrition Consultants. Brenda, the Ofc. mgr is really great. She always has a smile on her face and has a pleasing personality. My dietitian, Shelley, is the greatest. She listens to what I have to say and also encourages me, advises me and is very knowledgeable. She makes suggestions, if I'm having a bad week or day and is always there to help me. I don't know what I would have done without her help and guidance. She's like a dear friend to me. The office is very pleasant and professional. Their goal is to help you and from what I've experienced there, I couldn't have asked for a better dietitian to go to. As far as the comment about scheduling, I too have worked in a physicians office and I can say that, yes, that sometimes happens. These people try hard to accommodate everyone the best they can. Yes, sometimes they are pretty busy, but then I would be reluctant to go somewhere where they are always open (could it be because there's no business?). Texas Nutrition Consultants are the best, I feel very comfortable there because they make me feel at home. I would recommend them in a heartbeat! MA W.
I started working with Elizabeth H. about a year ago for poorly controlled diabetes. She was full of great information. Along the way, I decided I was going to have a gastric sleeve done. She helped me with my monthly weigh-ins and was fabulous. Brenda was really nice, and always had a smile on her face. My weight has decreased by 127 pounds, and my HgbA1C is now a 5.9! I took what Elizabeth taught me and applied it to my daily routine. Excellent services!Adriana L.
I work for a medical practice that has been referring patients to Texas Nutrition Consultants (formerly Shelley Madsen & Associates) since June 2011. We have been very pleased with the care and attention our patient's receive from all the providers on staff, especially Brenda, the practice office manager. Texas Nutrition Consultants employ several Certified Diabetes Educators and have time and time again demonstrated their support for those who suffer from diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The practice also provides services for patient's who are pursuing Weight Loss Surgery or are looking for a alternative to Weight Loss Surgery. I highly recommend Texas Nutrition Consultants for any nutritional based needs.Libby A.
Shelly Madsen really helped me with my diabetes type 2 management through nutrition counseling. are very much appreciated her helpful tips and caring attitude.Zaz M.
I went to see Shelley and was pretty well set on the idea that this was just a waste of time. Boy was I wrong. Shelley helped me understand my diabetes problem and how to make food work for me instead of against me. She made all the difference in the world for me. I would highly recommend visiting her if you have a diet related issue. bulldogmom2
I went to see Stevie Ray at Texas Nutrition Consultants. She seemed to understand how scared and frustrated that I was with getting the diagnosis of Diabetes. She gave me hope! She gave me practical suggestions and was more of a partner rather than just talking at me. We have worked well together and it has been a good experience. DCB