Your Visit

Initial Appointment

The initial visit is approx. 60 minutes in length. We will discuss your health goals, current eating style, and medical history. During your first visit our goal is to provide you with a personalized nutrition plan through education, meal planning, and realistic goal setting. We will be happy to work closely with your doctor so you get the best care. Together, we will determine if and how many follow-up sessions will be needed.

This is the form that we ask you to fill out and sign when you visit our office. You are welcome to print this out and save yourself time on the day of your visit!

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Follow Up Visit

During 30-40 minute follow-up sessions, we will evaluate your progress towards your health improvement goals. We will further customize your nutritional plan and provide ongoing support that best fit your personal needs.

Billing and Payment Questions?

If you have any questions about your bill for services, or would like to make a payment by credit card over the phone, please contact:

Medstar Billing Group